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“Fair Game is a charitable organisation registered nationally with ASIC and endorsed by the ATO as a deductable gift recipient”


Inspiring healthy communities through recycled sports equipment.


To deliver unique health education and fitness programs to underserviced WA communities through the donation of recycled sports equipment.


  • Fit and healthy communities
  • Inspiration and Education
  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Sustainability and Recycling

Target Populations

  • Indigenous Australians
  • CALD Communities (migrants, refugees)
  • Low SES Australians
  • Mental Health Sufferers
  • Chronic Disease Sufferers
  • Adolescent Females


Fair Game works in disadvantaged communities, including with indigenous Australians, migrants and refugees, low socio-economic status Australians, mental health sufferers and chronic disease sufferers with the following objectives:

  • to provide direct relief of suffering, misfortune, distress, poverty, helplessness and destitution;
  • to promote the prevention or control of behaviour that is harmful or abusive to human beings, including emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, suicide, self-harm and substance abuse; and
  • to promote the prevention or control of diseases that afflict residents of disadvantaged communities.


To promote its objectives, Fair Game conducts the following activities:

  • providing people in disadvantaged communities in need of benevolent relief with, or with access to, sporting equipment;
  • providing information about the prevention or control of harmful behaviour to those involved with or affected by it, and to the public;
  • running courses and programs on how to avoid, overcome or recover from harmful behaviour;
  • training carers and professionals in ways of dealing with harmful behaviour;
  • engaging in activities to raise community awareness of diseases;
  • providing information in respect of any disease to sufferers, health professionals, carers and the public;
  • evaluating health programs and processes to prevent or control any disease;
  • training of carers and health professionals in ways of controlling any disease;
  • developing and implementing approaches to treatment and prevention of any disease; and
  • coordination of the health promotion activities of charitable institutions that principally promote the prevention or control of any disease.

Key Success Measures

  • Number of sports equipment items donated and percentage recycled equipment
  • Participant numbers including demographics and target populations
  • Distances travelled and communities accessed
  • Number of partner organisations
  • Number of volunteer hours
  • Dollar value of donated equipment
  • Participant and stakeholder engagement (survey scores)
  • Number of media articles
  • Brand presence: number of partners displaying brand, number of branded items produced, online presence including site traffic and social media engagement
  • Number of awards nominated for and received

Long Term Measures

  • Health impact: number and type of health clinic presentations in Fair Game target areas in the five years following program implementation
  • Community building: qualitative and quantitative data on sports participation rates in target communities following program implementation

Our Strategic Goals

Fair Game aims to become the provider of choice for recycled sports equipment and expand our reach and impact to communities throughout Western Australia. We are committed to delivering high-quality and sustainable programs in established project areas whilst maintaining controlled partnership expansion.

YEAR 1, 2011: Establish & Launch Fair Game

  • Incorporation & Establishment
  • Pilot Projects
  • Establish initial community relationships
  • Marketing launch of Fair Game

YEAR 2, 2012 : Build Profile, Strengthen Partnerships & Develop Programs

  • Re-visit pilot project communities & assess and evaluate performance and Fair Game concept
  • Strengthen community relationships
  • Develop policy, procedure and programs
  • Form partnerships with other organisations for greater effectiveness

YEAR 3, 2013: Streamline Program Delivery, Create Brand Awareness & Build Capacity

  • Establish long-term financial partnerships
  • Develop volunteer recruitment sustainability
  • Consolidate brand presence
  • Program dissemination and training resources
  • Community advocacy and awareness

 YEARS 4-5: Optimise Concept for Growth Opportunities

  • Establish long-term sponsorship partners
  • Form strong partnerships with other community providers by training-the-trainer
  • Establish community based programs through capacity building
  • Grow volunteer peer group to a national level and extend concept within Australia


Fair Game has an ambitious three year strategy to become the provider of choice of recycled sports equipment in Western Australia. The organisation is committed to delivering high-quality, sustainable programs in established project areas whilst maintaining controlled partnership expansion.

  • Download our Game Strategy 2011–2015 (PDF, currently under review)

Annual Reports

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About Us

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Fair Game Australia Limited

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